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Learning Function and Expression

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Hi, folks! How can I learn function and expression and it's usage? Exhelp or Houdini help is a great tool but like I have encountered today and is encountering everyday finding right function or making the expression correct is a big issue for me. I didn't know what prim() does. Didn't know it actually exists. Then I saw some tut where everyone is using it, then went to exhelp and understood it. I hope you can understand my situation. So, how can I learn them fast or may be a direction to have them all? Here in Odforce or Sidefx many words are alien to me. How can I overcome it?

Please, if you can, share with me how you have learnt function and expression :) Thanks for your great help! :)

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I know what you mean. When I started my migration to Houdini about 9 months ago I wondered where do all these people get their information? How did they just pull that node technique or expression out of a hat?


The key is to not give up and keep chipping away at it. If you have not watched all the training videos go ahead and do that. I know, who has time to sit down and watch a one hour 45 minute video on building your own solver. But somewhere in that video there might be a nugget of information that you really latch onto or makes something click!


Attributes was one of the mysterious things for me to grasp. Where do they live, why do I need them, what is promotion? What are the different layers of an object (i.e. Points, Primitives, Detail). What is this Geometry Spreadsheet thing? How does stamp actually travel back upstream?


The HELP (?) icon is your friend. Take the time to read the help cards and explore the examples.


If you have not, check out Go Procedural and Peter Quint on Vimeo.


Checkout Andy Nicholas' Houdini cheat sheet.


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