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Smiluation Cache?

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Hello guys, I a working on a fluid simulation, following some tutorials.

I have seting up my sim and now I want to cache it, so I can work on my render with a mesh and not just particles.

I read somewhere usinge a file_Cache node would do it, but as I am awfully new with Houdini, I have some problems understanding how to cache a simulation and to re-import it to work on it later.

Does anyone have any tips on how to cach a simulation?


Thank you for your time and help :)

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when you create a default fluid simulation network, along with the network you get a default particle fluid network node, you just need to dive into that node and if at all you need to play with the vdb settings to get the desired mesh look kindly do so, then after that, there's a node called surface cache, you can cache through this node, geometry file is for you to state the path for cache to be dumped, give the start and end frame, and after you have dump the cache please unable load from disk

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