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Houdini Rocket Ship - training series

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Hello everyone,

I would like to introduce my new Houdini training, "Houdini Rocket Ship".

The idea behind this training was to create a project that will take the viewer through a variety of aspects of Houdini without making the project overly complex or technical. As long as you have a basic understanding of Houdini you should be able to follow the training

Over the course of this project we will cover a whole range of topics which include Procedural modelling, Polygonal modelling, Environment Generation, Cloud modelling, CHOPs, RBD, Constraints Network, Smoke Simulation, Materials, Lighting using HDRI, setting up Takes, Rendering and Final composite in After Effects.

There is currently a one week discount on the training series of $25. The offer will last till 17th October 2015.




Final Animation


for further information kindly click on the link given below




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I already have it!!!


It's my first time with Houdini and was recommended to look your tutorials and this is the first contact you have with Houdini.


I'm now downloading the same files.


Can you recommend something Rohan? It is a beun start? As I can slowly learn?



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