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Exhaust Turbo Flame

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Hello there!


I'm specialized in 3D animation, I work in Cinema 4D at the moment, but I'm a total beginner in VFX.

I'm currently animating a car for a personal project, and wanted to try out Houdini for effects like flame, smoke, etc.


I'm trying to learn the way the software work, but I still don't comprehend most of it, hence I'm asking for your help.

Joined to this post is a hardware render of the animation of the exhaust of the car, and my trouble at the moment, is that I would like to make a flame to come off the exhaust at the end of the animation (some kind of turbo effect). The car (which contains this exhaust) rides along a spline, and I would like the flame to react to the direction of the car, its momentum, etc.


Ideally I would place the flame inside the muffler of the exhaust, so that we can clearly see the flame coming out of it, But at the moment I have no idea how to make a flame follow a piece of geometry.


I was planning to use the alembic file type from C4D to Houdini to import my scene with its animation (still on R16, I don't have the Houdini engine included) but then again I have no idea what is the best file type to export the simulation from Houdini. I'm using C4DtoA (Arnold Renderer) so I guess Open VDB?


Most of these questions must be really basic and I'm sorry about it, but if you have the time to answer, I would be really thankful!


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Hi Lameflavor,


I would suggest at least making an attempt, then posting questions. You'll get better action here with specific questions and an attached .hip file. The people with the best answers are super-busy..


Yes, alembic is the probably the easiest format to use to get your model in. If you're trying to learn Houdini I might suggest doing the effects and effect rendering in Houdini.


A good place to start is the shelf tools. Select the geometry you want to emit from and click on the relevant shelf tool. For example, PyroFX-> flames. This will give you the basic setup allowing you to dive in and see how stuff works. You can also search the forums here for you questions... like "pyro fire" and dig through what people already talked about. If you hit F1 with a node selected you get the help files which have a lot of relative info.



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