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optimal disk storage

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Hey everyone,


Finalizing my new pc and just trying to decide what would be the most optimal use of ssds/hdds.  My current thoughts are:

512 gb m.2 nvme       os and apps

1tb samsung 850 pro ssd sim cache

1tb samsung 850 pro ssd current work files

2 x 4tb HDDs              file storage and backup  (thinking to go raid 1 with this)


Some questions that I have:

Is it better to have work files on separate drive as the cache?  How about rendering.  Example:

Should I have .hip file + assets on one drive, simulation cache on a separate ssd, and then a third drive that I render to?  


My second question is about the storage and backup HDDs.  Would you suggest the 2x4tb HHDs in raid 1 for my older work files (storage)?  Then maybe buy a NAS device, and use it to backup the data from my raid 1?


There shouldn't be any issue using NAS drives for my storage and backup NOT actually used in a NAS?  Only reason I ask, is because there are some really nice HGST Deskstar 4tb NAS on sale for real cheap atm!

So, i'm just trying to have a nice organized setup, with top efficiency.  I'm open to any and all suggestions.  Appreciate your advice!




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Well, I don't actually have the drives yet.  Trying to get advice from others who may have already discovered an optimal setup for themselves.  But I will definitely test out whatever I do end up buying.  But that would be pretty nice if I didn't need to actually split out the assets.  I do think I will still use one for cache, and then one for files/renders, just because the sim caches can get so big, that I don't think there will be enough space to share it with other files.  In fact, I may even need to just use a large HDD as my sim cache drive for huge sims, because 1tb won't really be enough anyways!

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