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Finding point with most surrounding points VOPS

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Hi there,


I have a point distribution, in VOPS I'm trying to get a single point that has the most amount of surrounding points in that distribution (within a given radius for each point)... I've done it once before but can't recall how... I think I was using a pciterate and a pcfind in a while loop, but it's totally slipped my mind. Help would be appreciated!

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stick this in a wrangle:


float maxdist =ch('dist');
i@near = len(nearpoints(0,@P,maxdist));

the 'near' attribute tells you how many points are within the range of the 'dist' slider.


Then put down a sort sop, by attribute, 'near', reverse, the 0 point will be the one (or one of the ones) with the most neighbours.



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