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attaching an object to a specific spot on an imported alembic

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so, a lot of whats confusing me about houdini thus far has been working with imported meshes, alembics and such. 


In this question, how would I take an imported animation of a runner, and attach a sphere to between its feet? or even one on each foot. 


when I try object merge, into this specific object, only 1 point of the sphere will attach to the object causing it to scale up the runner moves away. 


sorry to such a simple question but Im hoping this will be so simple that it helps me with the other questions I've asked recently. 

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Nore sure this is what you're looking for, but you could try these steps :


You'll first have to unpack your alembic so that you can select points.

Then, use a rivet, grab a few point around the place where you'd like to get your rivet.  Now if you parent your geo to the rivet, it should follow your point selection.

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ah ha! I got it thank you! 


I was reading the docs for the riven object and wasn't sure how to use it, but it make since now. 


group some points on object A, create a rivet node at obj level, select sop, and point group make the B object a child of the rivet. 


thank you!

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