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Junior procedural artist/ tool artist

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Hallo all,


Recently I graduated from the Masters in game technology course at the NHTV in the Netherlands and currently I am looking for a job as a procedural artist.


During both my Bachelors and Masters I specialized in using Houdini and creating procedural content.

Further I learned skills from both 3D arts and programming during the Minor part of the course, which I later combined while specializing as a procedural artist.


I worked on multiple games during this time and preformed different roles from programmer to artist. The Masters part of the course aimed at researching and providing a height level overview of building architecture, lighting, object, character and environmental design, combined with technical courses on Houdini. During my masters I also helped out as Houdini teaching assistant for the bachelor classes.


Location wise I have no preference.

If attached my CV in addition some of my work can be found at www.m-laanbroek.nl  here my CV can also be found.

Please contact me by email or leave a message on my odforce account if you have any questions or are interested.


Maurits Laanbroek.
Email:  m.laanbroek@gmail.com
Portfolio: www.m-laanbroek.nl



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Some very impressive stuff you got :),

I do advise to add a demo-reel video to this post and at the top of your portfolio though.

(just re-cut/combine footage that you already have, with possibly some new stuff)

People want to know within less than one or two minutes if they want to hire you ;)

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