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Steam train, slow motion ?


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Hi, I've made a very simple scene to create the steam of a steam train, kind of cowboyish one for a little project. There is one scene where we need it to be in slow mo, like half speed.

Beeing very new to houdini I would like to know if my setup is "correct/optimized" or if you have any tips to make it look better maybe, but more importantly what would be a good way to slow down the simulation, I've tested the dopnetwork time scale value but the results are not great with my scene. 

Thank you very much !




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If you need extreme animated slowdowns, like bullet time, then the most reliable method may be to adjust the timescale under the advanced tab of the smoke/pyro solver, rather than the timescale of the dopnet.

The obvious downside of this is that you'll have to simulate all of the frames, rather than interpolating between fewer cached frames. Also, note that not all of the microsolvers respect timescale, so you'll need to manually adjust rates according to your timescale e.g. source velocity, gas dissipate

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Thanks for the help!  This seems to stop the unnatural dissipation during my bullet-time simulation:


hou.node("/obj/pyro_sim/pyrosolver1/dissipate1").parm("evap").setExpression('ch("../evap") * ch("../timescale")')


I can't figure out how to use the timescale under the advanced tab of the smoke/pyro solver, though.  In any case, keying the timescale seems to be working so far.  :)

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Thanks all.  I will investigate.  It turned out that my sim was not behaving the way I wanted.  I got closer by scalling the density, temp and velocity in the fluid source node, and the above dissipation fix, but the turbulence was acting weird, and the emission was not really scaling with time properly. 

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