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Help with ParticleFluidSurfaceSop/pscale/something (Total Noob)

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i'm just starting out learning houdini and i'm completely and utterly in love with it. i'm going through a beginner training series that's currently demonstrating how to make icicles hanging from a roof. i believe the training was made in houdini 12, and i managed to follow it just fine in houdini 14 apprentice. i recently upgraded to v15 though and decided to back track on the training, but i'm not getting the same results.


the way the training explains it is:


- start out with a grid and a line

- grid -> transform to put in place where roof is

- transform -> mountain to create deformations

- mountain -> paint on grid to create black and white image where icicles will form

- paint -> scatter points using paint color (Cd) as density

- scatter -> point1 sets normal downward 

- point1 -> point2 randomizes scale length of line through the particles -> add scale

- line facing down z-axis

- line -> resample for extra detail

- resample -> copy (left) and point -> copy (right) to create lots of lines with differing lengths hanging downward

- copy -> particleFluidSurface (left) that SHOULD make blobby shapes around lines that then get shaped into icicles.


from what I understand particleFluidSurface generates a fluid on the surface of points based on the pscale attribute, which was made in point2. when i middle click on point2 i can see the pscale attribute, but the attribute is missing when i middle click on the copy sop.


i'm going to attach the hipnc file in case i didn't do an adequate job explaining what's happening. everything happens in icicles_GEO.


any help/direction/clarification would be appreciated. thanks so much!






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There is some change in ParticleFluidSurfaceSop

so if you use scatter node after resample it will generate points that works with ParticleFluidSurfaceSop

I know this is just a work around so if you come across with some other solution please do share


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