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Controlling Forces based on attributes.

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Hi Guys,

I'd like to know a way to control different forces, based on some attributes. I find is very easy to control Pop Forces based on position or velocity or Cd attributes... but I want to have this control using for example Gas Turbulence or Gas Surface Tension to control my fluid...


Imagine I have one liquid that is flowing along a curve and after TX > 5 it will increase surface tension and turbulence.


How would you do that?

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Turbulence is just a property of the velocity field. You would need to create a custom vel field and add it to your sim. If you want this to be directly controlled by sop point attributes you could make a setup where you are sourcing a volume from attributes on geometry and then add this to your simulation. For example you could comb the normals on a piece of geo, turn this in to a collision volume (using N as the velocity source attrib) and you will end up with a collisionvel field that conforms to the direction of the normals. I've used this to create fast flowing rapids in a flip sim, for example.



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