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Rendering Wal Impacts

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Hey everybody!


Im not sure if this shoukd have gon to the rendering sub-Forum, but...


I have a Scene with a Wall in the back, where I have Wall Impacts,

No I am projecting the original Image on the wall and have it render this. This looks fine as a simple Render, but essentially I definetly need more control in Compositing.


Is there a useful way to seperate the moving pieces, aka pieces that are not glue constrained anymore, form "the wall" ?

I tried doing this by grouping with "abs($VX)+"abs($VY)+abs($VZ) > xxx)


This kinda works together with a clipSOP, but I get some flickering pieces because those falling later are on the bring of this Threshhold.

If I get the Threshhold to low, I have larger wall pieces pop in.


Can anyone give me a hint in the right direction?

I thought maybe I can get an Attribute for all Glue Constrained pieces and delete them?

Something like that?



Thank you guy soo much!


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