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Import Point Attribute seems not to read my point attribute or simple

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Simple setup:


I wanted to create a color gradient on a grid inside a PointVOP. In order to do so I fed P into a length operator and plugged that into a fit and finally into Cd.


Result: Gradient around origin, as length gets larger the further away P in question is from that origin.



Now, I wanted to have the same gradient but coming from an arbitrary point. So I created a sphere (primitive, so It has only got one point), moved it slightly in X and plugged it into the PointVOP's second input.


To get the distance from P to that sphere's P, I created an Import Point Attribute fed and OpInput2 into its file input, set it to vector and attribute to P.

The I subtracted this (sphere) P from the original (grid) P, to get the distance and then plugged that into length in order to colour the grid relative to the (sphere) P.


As a result I get the very same gradient around the origin as I had in the first example, which made me think P (sphere) is somehow interpreted as being 0,0,0 so I am wondering what I'm missing.





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hi fred,


there is a node called 'distance' in VOP. Also I don´t think you should feed a primitive to pointvop. If you did, it would constantly try to compare single points from each input, which it cant because a primitive does not have points.


I used the centroid of your sphere as a constant parameter that gets subtracted from each point on your grid. i hope thats what you wanted..


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Your original method is fine. The problem is your 'import point attribute' vop will default to use @ptnum as the lookup point, here you need to explicitly tell it to only use @ptnum==0 as the point to lookup from the 2nd input. 


Create a constant, integer type, value 0, attach it to the ptnum input of the input point attribute vop, the ramp will then jump to where you expect.



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