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H15 polyExtrude with curve

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Hi All,

I am trying to have different size in a polyExtrude with curve.

 ( i would like also to deform differently them...)

i am using a forEach SOP trying to do that

it seem that distance is not working with the detail attribut "iteration".

i am quite sure it is possible but i am lost with all of that...


any idea would be great and welcome!






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Thank you Konstantin,


The videos are very interesting, almost the one from Rohan Dalvi.


i am trying to figure out how to extrude each face with a different copy/animatin/size, etc of a curve.

I think that the idea is to import a curve and a face in the forEach SOP and to give them say the same attribut for deformation changing along the iteration


It should work :-)



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Had to think about it for a bit, but here's one way.


Basically setup a library of curves, and in the loop delete all except one curve that you want to extrude with per-prim (can select the 'winning' curve in order marching along the primnums, or randomly, or whatever you want), then run the extrude.


I also used some of the new @attr stuff so that each extrude is a little different.





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Thank you, it's really cool.


So i tried to use your ideas with  a pre-animated set of curves, mainly yours Mestela, though the other way you gave F1480187 looks cool too, but i didn't know how to choose the curve with the switch node, anyway, i get nothing .

It's not updating the curves frame by frame as expected...


It's also a bit too complex for me.^^


I was wishing to give a working scene but i had to give up ... to much time spent for nothing

here is the scene i got but keep in mind it's not working ;-)


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In that case it is better to stick with mestela's ID method. I see your curves floating free in space, but the extruded are fixed at the ends. Animated extrusions maybe not what you want to see at the end. There is bunch of different capture nodes in Houdini, and maybe you want to extrude just straight lines and then animate it via such nodes. In that case Lattice SOP did good job. See an example with both methods. They are nearly same though.




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The way you did this is very interesting and smart!

i still dont understand why the last points are sticky like this in the left example, though the animation looks correct ...

thank you for the little different tricks you put inside: split sop, clean set of source points etc, i learned a lot

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