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help understand custom field

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Hi guys!

I'm diving into the Pyrosolver node , and under the node ------ Pyrosolver/gasvortexconfinement1,  i found a node --create_curl,  i tweak the parameter Data Name to Forces/curl, but i didnt work ,i can't see the curl field under the Forces container in the spreedsheet . And the default value of the parameter Data Name is MatchField ,  there isn't such a container ,so it create a temp field "curl"  under pyro object .

But i wonder if i can move the filed to a exist container such as Forces.




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if you enable Confinement in pyro solver/shape you will be able to see two fields created by vortex confinement asset: curl and curlmag. If you are interested in fields and how vortex confinement works make sure to check Peter Claes thesis.

There are also very interesting videos on this topic.







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Thanks Juraj!

The videos are awesome! Thanks for reply!

I did enable Confinement in pyro solver/shape, and could see curl field in spreadsheet , but i wonder if i can move the curl filed to another container , like Forces , which has a Gravity field in it .

in the create_curl node, as i mentioned above, i  set Data Name to Forces/curl , but it didnt work . I'm sorry I didn't explain clearly.


Thanks for your reply, it really helps!




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