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Hi all,


I've run a ground while building a set-up for creating centroid points from surface prims, animating/deforming the points, then applying the animation back to the prims via a matching prim_id or prim group_id.


The prims in question are separated via facet and partition sops, and all their numbers do match/correspond to the animated/deforming point numbers.


The lookdev would be sections of a surface dissolving/evolving via the incoming point motion.

Something roughly in this direction:




I'm just not sure how best to go about copying the motion back to the prims.


After some heavy googling, I've been looking at forEach and copy_stamping as an approach but no luck so far.


Have a look at the attached hip.

Any help would be appreciated.



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Actually I think that might be spot on. I can definitely run with this for a while and see what happens.



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