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Hi, all.


I've been studying Houdini.

I wanna make a maelstrom(whirlpool) effect by using flip.
I checked following forums, page and video, and tried several times.






but it doesn't go well.


someone any help?


Sorry for my poor English.

I attach my file.



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what exactly is the issue you are having? your scene needs a lot of caching and simulation time to see what is happening there. maybe if you ask specific question you can't find answer for people here will be able to help you better.

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Hi, thanks David.

You're right.


My question are:


I made custom velocities by following a video(https://vimeo.com/151110546). but I dont understand how to use this velocity for my flip simulation.
As you say, my current method is too heavy to see what happens.

My velocities are correct? How can I use them? Any simple method?


I wanna make maelstrom like slayeronizuka's video but my points continue to spread out.
How to shape maelstrom like inverted pyramid?
Is there good method to create maelstrom like slayeronizuka's one?



Hope to know what I mean.

my light version file is here.




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but I m facing  a similar issue at the moment did you manage to progress?

Im just starting FX in houdini but on the other hand i have been asked to do such an effect.. with ground collapsing as well...


Could someone help me please?

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