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Joining Two Geoms with a Round/Fillet?

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Most of my experience with the program is with fracturing geometry, so I have never really had to deal with something like this. Basically I am trying to find a way to smoothly joint two pieces of geometry with a round/fillet. for example I have a wing geometry I want to join into the main hull of an airplane. Worst case scenario would be something like joining a tube into a sphere.

I am trying this with nurbs now but I am not sure this is the best idea. I Have tried using the "surfsect" node but It is giving poppy and unstable results. If this is the way to go I am probably not setting my parameters correctly.

Is there any way to do this either polys or nurbs?

Bryan Bentley

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I think the only robust method is to convert both objects to volumes and back to polygons. Look at this nice example also. Special cases will allow lofting and sweeping. With a good fortune, boolean unifying and beveling an intersection will do the job.

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this is great and with the new VDB support I think this could be really efficient. The only Drawback is the kind of strange topology that is the result of this operation. I did manage to use a cookie, extrude, and bevel to get a nice machined look out of your example file.


Thanks a bunch

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