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I am trying to work with Mocap data that I have recorded in Vicon Blade.  I have an FBX of the solving setup that I have imported into Houdini and I have been able to work with it and get the setup where I want it to be, but I am running into an issue with file size.  I am currently sitting at 189MB and I am pretty sure that about 95% of that is keyframe data.  Unfortunately when I start working with the file it explodes in my memory and is becoming unwieldy.  I am talking in the 25gb range.  The Motion Capture data has placed a keyframe at every frame for all of the bones, which is definitely overkill.


Is there any way of automatically reducing keyframes in Houdini?  I have seen the tool in some other packages, but I am trying to figure out how to do it here.  If there isn't a built in way to do it, is there any way I

can delete keys in CHOPS, because I could see writing a VEX expression for doing it. Something along the lines of calculating the slopes and if the slope from one keyframe to the next is below a certain margin, delete.  Or hell, I could just check concavity at each keyframe and only keep the ones where it changes, but I need to know if there is a way to delete the keyframes.

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What about something like this?


Channel ReFit.



I believe you would need to open up a Textport window and execute the hScript command inside that window. I have not used it, however.


CHOPs can resample, though.

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That chrefit looks like what I am looking for.  I will try it after dinner.  Thanks a bunch.  WOOHOO for Grad School, eh?

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you can as well select segments you want to reduce in Animation Editor

- RMB/Bake Keyframes Of Selected Segments

- Uncheck Resample Segments Enable

- Check Refit Segments Enable

- tweak and accept


it's essentially the same thing just through UI

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