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building a chop curve (noise)

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could someone help me building this curve in chop ?

I need a curve, a noisy curve with a positive slope.

I managed to do that with a pulse (set up to get a positive slope) and adding a noise to it.


But the final curve I need has to be like this : (never going down)


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Perfect !

I wonder how you came up with this ! As it doesn't sound obvious to me (math class are far far away : / )


So Thank you very much Matt ! :)

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Heh, my usual technique of half remembered tutorials, and randomly pushing buttons until I get what I want. :)


I vaguely recalled chops has several common goto methods for processing curves in general ways. First tried envelope, which tries to fit a lower res curve on top of the existing one, but wasn't quite right. Then tried a lag, thinking I could use it to get the peaks, and have a slow, almost flat rolloff to hide the 'downsides' of the curve, but that didn't work either. 


Finally tried an area, which as expected calculates the area under the curve. Could see it was doing the right thing, but when the noise values went negative, then those values would be subtracted from the total area, and the curve would slope down. I figured if you removed the negative values first with a clamp it'd do what you wanted, and it did. Hooray!


There, you now have a little insight into my brain. ;)

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That's great Matt, thanks again.

It's important for me to know that testing can lead to a good solution in H ! As sometimes I get the feeling that my lack of scripting/math knowledge could make H too much for me. But no ! So far I always ended up getting what I need :D

Thanks to this real nice forum, I learn a lot !


thanks for taking the time Matt ;)

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