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ground piece coming from crash

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Hi, I have a problem figuring out how I can create some pieces coming from underground after a ship crash.

I tried to fake it using some Rigid bodies but it doesn't follow the shape of my ground which is deformed.


Here is a render of what I've done so far, (the scene and the alembics can't be uploaded, they are too heavy).

I need to add the in the front part of the spaceship.




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Nice render!  Are you asking how to get the small debri to respond to the deforming ground?  Not 100% sure what you're asking.  


   - cheers!

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In fact, what I meant is adding more debris to the deforming ground. I managed to add them to the side of the engine, but not in the front of the spaceship.



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After more refinement to the shot, I managed to get to the level of detail I wanted.

Sadly, everything which concerned the ground is rendered in Clarisse iFX, and when I try to export about 100k ground pieces to Clarisse, I always get an alembic file very heavy (12 giga for 25frames!!!);

I tries to export them as a single packed object and in polygons, this alays gave me a file heavy. The only way to reduce this is to make them packed object, but it gave me either a long list of alembic files in Clarisse.

Here is an image showing what the problem is.

So what I would like is to get the organisation of the first one while keeping the size of the second. Is there any way to get this?explication.jpg



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If you are just looking for a way to move all 100k objects into a single Clarisse folder/context, python scripting might help.

Paste this code into a Clarisse Script Editor and adjust the variables to match your file naming.

def fetchIfObject (passedName):
    # Return a named item if it exists.
        result = ix.get_item(passedName)
        if result == 0:
            result = None
        result = None
    return result

# Create the contexts that will hold the objects.
geo_context_name = "project://scene/abc_parts"
ctx_geo = fetchIfObject(geo_context_name)
if ctx_geo == None:
    ctx_geo = ix.create_context(geo_context_name)

# Set these values to match your needs.
ctx_original_path = "project://scene/"
name_root = "my_object_name_"
range_start = 1
range_end = 10

# Move like named pieces into new context.
for i in range (range_start,range_end):
    s = "%s" % i
    temp_name = "%s%s%s" % (ctx_original_path, name_root, s.zfill(4))   # NOTE: zero pad may not be needed for your file naming.
    temp_ob =  fetchIfObject(temp_name)
    if temp_ob != None:

Set the name_root variable to match the name of your objects, then set the range count. I have put zero padding in place as well, but your file naming may not need that. Try a small frame range first until you get the code working then extend to cover the entire range.

After you run the code all named objects will be moved into a new context called "abc_parts".

Edited by Atom

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Hi atom, thx for your help. In fact, my problem resides mainly in how to export my 100k object while keep a reasonnable size of the alembic. If a get an alembic of 80mo, Clarisse takes about 5min between frames to read it, mainly because of the number of element inside it.

So, what I would like to achieve is an alembic of small size while keeping the number of elements inside to one. I'll make a simpler scene showing what my problem is.


After making a scene simpler, I think it might come with the way I created the copy (I used stamp geometry on the copy node). This might have caused the problem


Edited by ioness

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