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Rough Flip surface

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I've done a flip simulation of filling an model with water,but I can't get a smooth water mesh.

The particlefluid surface somehow was very rough.I tried vdbsmooth node, bumping up the adaptivity on convertvdb node and the H15 way.but it's still not smoothy enough or mismatch the original model.

I even tried projecting the surface to the original model,but the result was'nt very ideal.

So I came up with an approach by simulating in a slightly enlarged model , and vdbcombine the vdb from particlefluid with the vdb from original model.I got smooth surface.

But this approach leads to missing some details and jittering.

Any way to get a smooth surface?


BTW,why there's no such problem in Realflow?




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I would suggest giving this video a watch:



This really goes over the new meshing tools with the particle fluid surface which, have the VDB tools built in now. You have many options using this new particle fluid surface node in regards to smoothing.



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vdb reshape and smooth are your friends.

also if you have a particle separation of say 0.01 try using a vdb resolution of 0.02. that way you wont resolve the fine detail so much.

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