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Promote handle to Digital Asset question

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I am trying to modify the "paintfogvolume" digital asset so that it has an erasing function as well. ( Setting density to -1 at first seemed to work as erase but you can't paint/add fog again, in areas that you erased)

So I thought of using "grouppaint" to define with a brush which edges to delete from the curve that the "drawcurve" creates.  The concept works but building a new interface for the modified digital asset is tricky.

How can I expose the handle of the Grouppaint node . Right clicking on the handle itself doesn't give me the usual option " export handle to digital asset".

And how will be able to choose which handle of the to use? There is already a handle from the Stroke node , if I export the one from the Grouppaint as well how will I be able to choose between the two, so that with the first handle I paint and with the other I erase?



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