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populating a menu on another menu selection in a multparm

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In short... HDA parameter UI...
I have ordered list A.
and Ordered list B
The item of B are generated dynamically with knowledge of List A.
This basically could mean pull model where List B generation queries the value of List A.
But do this as a multiparm instance and it seems to get more complicated....
List A may have different values per instance... meaning different items on List B per instance. 
But how to know which List A instance to query?
I'd prefer not to pull and set the parmTemplates as this could force a cook to run... could be ie a menu type of string as well... and trying to avoid something toooo hacky.. but looking for ideas...
Is there any way to have kwargs-like information so the instance # is known to the menu generation similar to callbacks on parms?
Is there a way to force the menu generation or set the items from outside the menu generation script, such that List A callback() could populate List B since kwargs will provide the instance of List A which will be the same instance # as List B?
Thanks ahead for any ideas

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Interesting I thought kwargs was not available in menu generation...

It seems I could be wrong on this, let me check it out thanks.

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You are correct, Not sure how I missed that, thanks for the 2nd look Anim.

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