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Vector Intersection in VEX

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I have been losing my mind a little on this one:

I am wanting to find the intersection point of two vectors in VEX (i.e. a version of the simplified Curvesect SOP). The goal is to implement this through and Attrib Wrangle node. At this stage I have tried implementing the solutions to the problem presented on the following forums but they are suited to 2D:



This should be a trivial solution but I have been way off the mark with my attempts.

Any help is much appreciated!


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I used those resources to create something similar as well, so it is possible.
While I can't give you my code, I saw some stuff in this topic which is basically that:


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Thanks for the tip @acey195 and @petz thanks for the solution. Here is the quick VEX snippet that I tested, works a treat!

// Get Lines
vector A = point(0, "P", 0);
vector B = point(0, "P", 1);
vector C = point(1, "P", 0);
vector D = point(1, "P", 1);

// Calculate Line Vectors
vector AB = B-A;
vector CD = D-C;

// Calculate To Vector
vector toVec = A - C;

// Calculate Intersection
vector vecx = cross(AB, CD);
float val1 = dot(vecx, cross(CD, toVec));
float val2 = dot(vecx, vecx);
vector pos = A + (val1 / val2) * AB;

addpoint(0, pos);


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