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Ronald Ruiz

Split Vertex/ break edge by points in a group

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Hi! I can't find the right tool to "break" a shared point by group. I want to be able to split the vertices in certain points so then I can take those "detached" edges and move them as a new primitive. I hope that you can understand what I'm saying, I come from 3ds max and that is a common operation there with the splines. So how can this be done in Houdini, I'm breaking my head with a Font primitive carved to obtain only the edges and wanted to split that curve. 

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17 hours ago, f1480187 said:

Use PolyCut SOP.




In the case that the points are still part of the same shape yes, use PolyCut.

If you are dealing with closed geometry (triangles/quads) you probably need to use a "Fuse" SOP set to "Unique" mode.

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