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C4D does not found hda in render queue

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I'm using houdini engine with cinema 4D. I've got several C4D projects with a hda that read files. When I just click on render, my scene is rendered perfect, but when I added my project to render queue, C4D alerts me that it doesn't found my digital asset and I need to render several projects during the night and I cannot be all the time in front of the computer waiting until one project finished render to click and render the other project.

Does anyone knows if there is a way to solve this??


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the best way is ask it on the sidefx forum i don't know if Noseman is looking here.



when you have got other render computer i think the best way is to generate alembic files from the hda and load it into the project file and disable the hda so you don't rely on the hda for rendering.... 

sorry that i can't help more.


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