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Blending ocean waves with a flip tank

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Hello Everyone,

First time poster and I'm somewhat new to Houdini. I'm currently working on a stormy sea environment where I'm following a tutorial that unfortunately was created with Houdini 13. I have managed to follow the tutorial so far and with a bit of googling have found what replaced what in Houdini 15. But I'm stuck on this part, in the tutorial the teacher uses a VOP SOP which I have made visible via the text port. Inside the VOPSOP he uses a Ramp Parameter which is connected to a addattrib node which has an input that says 'adata', since that input got removed in 14, is there a way around this? The node in question can be found at obj > splashtank_fluid > fxFlipOceanBlend > vopsop_blend.

Houdini 13 add attribute node layout
Screen Shot 2016-05-19 at 4.53.43 PM.png

Sorry that it's somewhat blurry.

Houdini 15 add attribute node

Houdini 15.png
I have added the Houdini file below.

Stormy Sea 19.5.16 v1.hiplc

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You can use bindExport node instead of add addribute and plug the output of your ramp to the input of bindExport.

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