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Corridor Generation

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Hi all

So I`m trying to continue my Houdini learning and as such have attempted to make a procedural corridor based on an input curve.  I have something working but I don`t like the result.

I have attached my attempt and it would be great if anyone has time to suggest improvements or even a completely different angle to approach this, i feel like I`m not looking at this right.




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there isn't anything wrong with what you're doing...though you'll find it isn't very flexible - the more detailed your curve the higher resolution your grid will have to be.

you might find more luck with building sections and copying them to the curve points and/or building sections procedurally between sections.

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You could make use of the "find shortest path"

use the result from transform 1 as the first input and the curve on the second.
Then in the find shortest path insert al list with the desired start point and end point from the curve.
for a 3 point curve this would be 0 1 for start end 1 2 for end.
Change the output Path to "From each start to corresponding end.

This results in a line fallowing the shortest path on the grid to each point. You can then copy boxes to each point and you have a corridor.

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hi and sorry for the slow reply and thanks for the responses :D


Thanks michael, Im not exactly sure how to ensure the pieces align at the ends because one thing i have been trying to do is snap the input curve to world alignment kinda like a pathfinding A* so everything is nicely 90 degrees, but i havent found a way of doing that, 


I didnt know about the findShortestPath node so thanks for pointing that out it could help a lot for snapping to world axis, maybe generating a 3d grid of edges and run it though that?

Thanks Konstantin for the two example files i shall dig into them when i get home tonight


Thanks for all the input :D

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You mean, how to manipulate geometry this way in Houdini, with instant result shown? Set visibility flag on findshortestpath1 node and invoke the tool by selecting curve2 node and pressing Enter in the viewport. You could optionally set template flag on grid and turn point snapping on, to snap to grid points.



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