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Houdini VDB & Octane Render

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Octane render has been updated and now supports volumes. I know this is possible, but how would I export an animated .vdb file of a smoke or fire simulation from houdini so that it can be used with octane? 

I'm using c4d octane, so .vdb's make the most sense to use. I've tried exporting a basic shelf tool simulation of an explosion, but it saved each frame as a separate .vdb file (I used the $F command in the file save parameter in houdini), and it looks nothing in octane like it did in houdini on whatever specific frame I imported. 

Would really appreciate any advice.



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One thing to remember about Octane is that it only renders one frame. You have to continuously "spoonfeed" the system to get animation out of it. This is what the plugins for the 3D packages do for you. If you evaluate Octane using the stand alone demo you only get one frame at a time.

You can export your VDB files from Houdini using the ROP Output Driver node. Just specify a .VDB filename for the node. However, for the output to truly be a VDB file you must use a Convert VDB and change the type to VDB or the resulting file will just be a fog volume, not a VDB.



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Thanks for helping atom. That ROP Output node will come in handy!

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