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Can't export OBJ from dops into Maya

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Hello guys,

I'm having a problem with my project. I have a destruction made in Houdini that I want to export to Maya. This is because it needs to be rendered in Maya. I am using an apprentice version of Houdini, because of this version a lot of export methods can't be used. The best chance I have is with OBJ sequence in my opinion. But when I write an OBJ sequence in Houdini and then export it (as a single file with file>import for testing purpose) to Maya it gives me the following error:

/ Error: line 0: OBJ file line 236743: index out of range for face creation. //

I am using packed geo most of the time. If I unpack the geo and then export it, it still isn't working. Attached is the OBJ that gives this error. I wrote it with a file node. The file node is attached to the Dopimport node with "fetch geometry from DOPnetwork" chosen as an option. Also tried polydoctor but it gives me no errors. 

Can someone help me out?

Thanks in advance!


objexporttest unpacked.rar

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OBJ fixup script


Houdini's OBJ export is well...unique. Some might say neglected. Other working formats for Apprentice are .PLY and .STL. SideFX claims .LWO support but it appears to be completely broken. I created a fixup script in another thread you could try but I can't confirm if that will fix the Maya bug.

When I open up your OBJ file in Blender it appears just fine. What does that say about the two software giants? But managing OBJ sequence in Blender is a slow-ass nightmare.

If your OBJ sequence has the same number of vertices per frame you could export a MDD file which is a format that contains only the change in the vertices positions over time. This output node can be found in the OUT context (where Mantra resides) under the Geometry menu. This assumes that Maya can read MDD files, I don't really know a lot about Maya.

Your best bet would be to simply purchase the Indie version then you could kick out an Alembic for Maya.


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