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How to have animation driving dynamics? rotor blade

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Hi guys I was wondering if anyone knew how I could go about linking the rotor prop (alembic cached animation for instance) to a set of rotors then get the dynamic fracture to always follow(like a parent or e.g. component to component constraint in Maya) and also the rotation to always persist even when colliding with objects. Im a complete beginner so I'm sure I'm just being stupid but any help would be appreciated 


Ive posted an example hip below, I feel like I'm almost there but I'm just missing something .




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dont have too much knowledge about constraints so I'd like to know too

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A constraint is a line with attached (string-) attributes. For the primitive you have constraint_type (position, rotation, all) and constraint_name (the reference/data name) and for the points you have a name attribute where the string for which piece.

I just had no time to do a complete setup, but here's a quick setup for the constrain in SOPs and DOPs - I hope I didn't miss anything. :P


Edit: F!, I did miss something, for a rotating constraint, you need a rotation axis, you set that with a point attribute in SOPs using a directional vector. If you don't figure out how it works, I'll do a complete setup tomorrow. 


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