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Active Value in Packed Objects

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Hi all, I'm trying to drive the Active value of my RBD Packed objects by an "activator" object, just transferring color and using that color to set the active value. I've followed a couple of the threads here that show how to set this up (such as here) but my version is not working. I've exhausted my newbie knowledge of Houdini. What am I missing here?



EDIT: just a little more info I forgot to include. In the spreadsheet, I can see that the Active attr on frame 1 is set to 1, because the RBD Packed Object node is set to Active Objects. Then when the simulation starts, the Active attr changes to 0. But it doesn't update with the color transfer. That's the part that I'm not sure why...


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- the value of red color you are transferring is 0.9, which when stored directly to integer active attribute get's truncated to 0, so your pieces will never activate

- since you are using @ptnum the geometry you are sampling the value from has to match the simulation geometry, right now you are simming packed prims, but sampling color from original unpacked geo, which will give you unexpected results   

have a look at the fixed file:


- alternatively you can skip coloring and geowrangling part and directly change active attrib on the geometry that flows to RBD Packed DOP, then check Override Attributes From Sop and enter: active in there so that it automatically update active attribute from source geo


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Ah! Thank you so much. Still getting the hang of all of this, but slowly it's all starting to come together for me :)

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