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feedback on stroke tool, so that it can draw on itself

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Hi all, this is a bit tricky and im wondering if its even possible.

Im drawing a curve onto a piece of geometry with the draw sop and then giving it thickness with a wireframe sop. Now i want to draw another curve on top of that old curve geometry. I want to be able to pile worms over the top of each other without having to make a new draw sop each time.

Now i can plug the output of the draw sop back into its input and it sort of works, the problem is that it feeds back every step so that the curve collides with itself and it just pushes itself towards the camera. I think what I want is the geometry to only feedback every time a new stroke is laid down. 

So it would be draw stroke -> give it thickness -> merge it with other strokes -> feed back into draw sop collision -> draw new stroke.

Is there any way to do this?

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I have a feeling that this is what the stroke cache sop is for. The documentation on that node is a bit light though.

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