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Importing track data as text into houdini

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Hello good people,

2 quick questions regarding importing track data in Houdini:

1) I have single tracker tracked in nuke and I want to import that track movement in Houdini. How to do that?

2) If I have track data in text file (say track.txt), how to import it in houdini and have same exact movement?

Thanks in advance.

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One way would be to use a Table Import SOP to import a text file as a point cloud.
It works with .cvs excel files or with organized text file with delimiters.
This gives you a point cloud, and each point maps to one line in the text file ( or every 3 entries).
Attributes can be also be attached to points in case you have rotation.

At this point, you have a pointcloud where each point represents a time and a position.
You'll need to import it in a CHOP Network using a Geometry CHOP.

With its default settings, the Geometry CHOP should cache the whole animation range in one evaluation.
Make sure you set the SOP path correctly on it.

Now, you can set the export flag on the Geometry CHOP, and set its export prefix to the Null Obj node you want to drive.

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