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Motion capture and cg/life integration pipeline

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Hi I have two questions that I‘ll try to do my best explaining them giving that my English is a foreign language to me

The first is about motion capture and how do they do motion capture without a suit, e.g. in the latest “the chemical brothers clip” “wide open” how did the mill capture the motion of the dancer and at the same time shoot it without a special equipment or suit and if they capture the performance first then captured the motion how did they do it, giving the logic that it is impossible the get her to do the same exact movement twice down to a pixel accuracy so they could place her digital motion captured double on the life footage .

Also a good example for my point is the movie “Ex machine”


The Chemical Brothers - Wide Open


The Chemical Brothers - The Making Of Wide Open




The second question is more of an overall question about integrating cg with life footage I mean I have seen lots of small studios do every step in the book and still looks fake , what is it the big studios do to make it look plausible is there an X factor sort of thing to it  . I mean I have seen them do camera anomalies from flares to chromatic aberration distortion hdri and still most of the time something will seem of and throw you off

Thank you in advance.

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Oh thank you very much that helped a lot .. sorry for the late reply though
but do you have any information about ex machina ?

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