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Clustering geometry using primitives

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Hi Everyone,
I have a quick question that I was hoping someone would be able to help me with.

I'm trying to fracture a wall, and follow the brick pattern, rather than standard voronoi shapes.
Part of this process is to generate a brick wall, fracture each brick, then cluster the results in a meaningful way.
Currently cluster is being controlled using the P attribute, but I would like to cluster based in the primID, so that whole brick pieces will be contained in the cluster and not just individual points.

Does anyone have a suggestion?  My test files are attached.






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updated example file

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You can think on that like this way:

1. Make single brick

2. Do voronoi fracture of that brick

3. Make copies of previous result on the point pattern representing wall

4. Use stamp of template points attributes from copy node for variation on voronoi points parameters, cluster definition etc.


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You could pack individual fragments. You need name attribute. If you use Assemble, there is checkbox to output packed fragments. Then every piece can be treated as points.



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