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store colour data from multiple lines (csv file)

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I have a simple line node, with 3 coloured square polygons which sit randomly along the line. 
I want to be able to store/collect the data for the line so it reads:
line0 = red,green,purple

going forward i will have many lines with a maximum of 4 different types of colours intersecting eachline
line 1 = red,blue
line 2 =green,red,blue,purple
line 3 = green,blue
it would be good to store this data as a csv file to open in excel 

any help would be much appreciated



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I'm a bit unclear which way you want this to happen. Do you want to

a ) have a csv file with the color data, and then build a scene in Houdini according to the file, or

b ) you will have a Houdini scene with a lot of lines and polygons, and you want to resolve the intersections and write them out?

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so maybe this image will help, sorry i'm pretty new in houdini. The image shows a series of lines with  nodes intersecting them. Ideally what i would want to do is group the lines with the nodes that intersect them. The nodes at the moment are just cubes, but there will be 4 different types (which i thought could be colour coded to distinguish them) arrayed across these lines equidistantly.

So ultimately i want to group each line so that i can say for example:

for line 1 the nodes that occur on it are: nodetype1,nodetype2 

for line 2:nodetype1,nodetype2,nodetype3

sorry if this is still unclear



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