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Hello everyone,

I'm attempting to recreate the shapes of large bubbles forming. My initial tests have been involving FLIP fluids, adding surface tension and removing gravity to create a jiggling ball of particles. Once it is meshed, I could then apply a refractive shader to get transparency. See the attached .mp4 for a flipbook of one of my tests for creating a small, single bubble.

However, I'm curious as to how other artists might approach this problem. How would you go about creating these large, wobbly shapes so that they act naturally? How would you allow for art direction if you went with a simulation approach? Please share your ideas, I'd be very interested to hear what you think!

Thank you!


There is a good example of the shape I'm trying to create at 2:55 in the video below, although the whole bubble sequence is quite useful.



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maybe you can try using the grain solver, I was able to get kinda ok results in a few minutes, 

it's pretty much an out of the box grain setup on a sphere moving through a noise field with an added force on each point away from the center of the bubble.

It felt promising, and could be improved with custom wind fields and additional shape forces on the points


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I too think grains is the way to go here. I would say you first need to create a bubble that wants to be round, then you'd remove gravity but still have pretty high mass for the grains to slow it down. Then you pulse turbulence into it in intervals to get that wobbly feel.

This is slowed down a lot due to the pop, but I had the bubble motion quite realistic at full speed, setting this up, and I set it up like that.


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