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L-system growth along the curve

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Hello everyone.

I am working on a growing vines effect with the use of L-system. I want my L-system to be deformed by the curve and controlled with carve SOP.

I have set up the initial network, however the main problem I encounter is the fact that the leaves anchor points are deformed in the way that it doesn't match the L-system branches. (see the screengrabs)

Non-deformed L-system
Screen Shot 2016-07-17 at 13.33.17.png


Deformed L-system with non-matching leavesScreen Shot 2016-07-17 at 13.33.40.png

I attached my hip file, any help would be appreciated:


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Try turning off the pack node on the leaf object. Inside the vine turn off the add1 node.


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Thank you Atom, turning off pack node was the solution!

I have another question - I am using carve node to grow the vine, however the animation is not smooth, I have tried different ways, but can't get it to work smoothly. It jitters back and forth a little.

I reference the resample node points on my curve in the generations number of L-system (green nodes) and the capturing curve is the same length as the L-system and it has as many points as my deformed curve. Any suggestions?

I attached my updated hip file and a video.



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