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skinShader problem when changing resolution

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I have a surely stupid question, but i can't find any answer...

I was setting my shaders and rendering in hd1080, but i wanted to render a sequence in hd720, and my sss shader "broked" (it seems)...
On the pic you can see what i mean, on the leftside  is the "working" shader, and on the right side what happened only by changing my camera resolution...
I'm using an skinShader, and have plugged a custom multiplier on all the density field of each sss layers, and that's all...

I tried to look at other sss nodes (but didn't understood a thing!!) and in the surfaceModel node i can't find how to make the sss works, so it's why i was using the skinShader...

Does by any chance anyone knows what it could be?
Thanks a lot in advance!



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Sorry.... really, I just happen to lower the refraction samples and forgot to set them back... Don't know how to delete a thread, so feel free, admin, to do so.

My bad again.

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