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Asteroid Dust Trails

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Hey guys,

This is my first post here! :) I'm new to Houdini and learning a lot from the shelf tools, available tutorials, forum posts and documentation.

Now I'd like to create dust trails from shattered asteroid pieces. Here is what my trail setup looks like so far (.hip attached):


I'm almost happy but a few things should be improved/fixed:

  • The "Source Volume" node doesn't know the torus' velocity when drawing into the density field, which results in stepping.
  • I'd like the smoke to interact with (flow around) the geometry. Can I draw it into an obstacle and/or velocity field? Merging the solvers didn't help yet.
  • Maybe I could modify the air pressure/resistance aroudn the asteroid and ignore it for the smoke that's far enough away?
  • With the "Gas Resize Fluid Dynamic" node active, there's some strange aliasing happening towards the end.

Any tips on how to achieve/fix those issues would be great! I've been searching the forums and several tutorials already. But as today most of them are not written text but videos instead, it's hard or at least very time-consuming to find specific information.
I'll keep playing with nodes and parameters, watching volume wrangling tutorials and also try preparing an upres setup.



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Hi Hebi

Ive attached below with my changes to your files


A couple things

Velocity was never calculated because you had animation data on the obj transform level, your animation data needs to be inside on a transform node in order for the trail sop to work properly , velocity data is now being passed through and you can crank it up in the volume source.

It looks like you had relationships disabled in the pyro solver, thus any collision wasnt working

Make sure your turbulence fields are not on at all times on the entire simulation, you can have them only affect areas where the velocity is high , this should help with the crazy voxelization towards the tail of the sim






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Great, thank you so much! I'll look at your changes and post an update here after tweaking a bit.

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