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Hair and Beard Character WIP

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Wanted to start learning more about the Hair and Grooming tools inside Houdini 15 this week. I really like the controls that Houdini has when painting density, frizz, clumping and width maps.

I learned a lot from @abvfx and his vimeo videos https://abvfx.wordpress.com/

A problem that I have yet to solve is creating different size clumping on the head hair. I want to have smaller clumps on the side and back of the hair. Then have larger clumps for the top of the hair.

I tried painting different clumping density values to vary the clumping. There is probably a way in the Clump Tab within the Fur Node that I am missing. 

The head hair, beard and eyebrows are separate Fur Nodes which gave me better control over the hair. I am not sure how much of a performance hit this will give me when I animate the character. 

The model came from one of our character artists, Aaron Gutierrez. 


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Great start. I was actually just prepping some stuff for another video covering the changes between my last video which was in h13 and new stuff in h15.5.

As for the clumping issue, to be honest the new system allows for tons of curves to be manipulated you can manually clump the guides. Using the cump curves tool and not from the fur node.

It's hard for me to explain, it will be something I cover in the update video.



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Thanks! I look forward to the new video. A soon as I get a chance I am going to try the clump curves tool. I liked the video since it went through the entire process and nothing seemed to be edited out, ramblings and all.



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Cool, glad to help.

To be honest that video was done on a whim (never expected it to get as popular as it did). The next one will be a little more focused.

On the curve groom sop the cump guides (in the drop down) along with planting guides is gonna get you what you are looking for. Clumping has always been difficult to manage locally compared to globally on the fur node.


You can paint attributes on the skin but it never feels like an intuitive process.

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