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FLIP Cache - Best Workflow

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Hey guys, I assume that the best workflow could be:

1st - Write the particles simulation to disk
2nd - Read the simulation files to generate the mesh (+ cache the geo file)

Now, what is the best way to save the particles simulation?

Should I do it inside the "particle_fluid" node using a "ROP Output Driver" or a "Flie" node? Should it be connected to the "import_particle" node?
Something like this: 


and how should I read those particle files back?

Please let me know if there's a better workflow on it.

Thank you,


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You already have a file node there called "compressed_cache", I reckon using that would be the best for this new compressed workflow. 

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I guess it depends on personal preference :)

I for example tend to do all setups in one big node tree because I don't like jumping between various Geometry networks. For writing files into disk it doesn't matter if you use File, Rop Geometry. I tend to us File Cache set to Load from Disk. Then when I update node tree above File Cache I just press Save to Disk and it automatically loads newer version.

One thing you should keep in mind is to watch which attributes are saved with your geometry as it can influence file size. Solvers tend to add many attributes which I don't need so I get rid of those attributes immediately after importing them from DOPs .

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Thank you very much, guys. It's already working :)

Skybar, it looks like this workflow is perfect. Pretty straight forwarad. Thx!

Juraj, thx, I'll keep this in mind. Btw, not sure but it looks like the fluidcompress1 node get rid of some "useless" stuff

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