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novice > Octane IPR vs MPlay

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I would post in the Otoy forum but I feel this question is more Houdini-centric.

So i've setup my Octane plugin properly AFAIK and I can see the Octane shelf.

There are at least 3 ways to  preview

1> Click on IPR

2>Render>Preview in MPlay>Octane_ROP

3>Render>Preview in MPlay>render_PBR


At the moment the IPR option only gives me a black window, nothing is rendered.

Does this mean I have something configured incorrectly?

And I'm confused by the MPlay preview options. How are they different from IPR?


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Guest tar

IPR is for interactive rendering- i.e. tweak something and see the render update. Mantra has the very best connectivity whilst other renderers might not immediately update everything, like geometry changes etc. 

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