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Alexey Vanzhula

Modeler for Houdini needs some support

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Modeler for Houdini is allmost finished. But i haven't working hardware at this time. Also I have some financial problems.
I need some support from you, guys, who want to try the results of my work.
With new hardware i'll finish Modeler very quickly and it will be available as free open source project.

Features list:

1. Poly Modeling
   a. Improved standard modeling tools
   b. Additional poly tools with PySide and VEX power
   c. Accurate (high precission modeling) with numeric editor
   d. Soft geometry deformation with Move Brush (like in traditional sculpt programs)
   e. Moving components with Blender style

2. Retopology
   You can use all the modeling tools to retopologize geometry (not only TopoBuild SOP).

3. UV
   Separate asset for quick UV layout. You can create UVs in 3d space and 2d space seamlessly.

4. Sculpting
   Seamless integration with ZBrush for geometry edition in both programs at one time.

5. Objects list
   Tree style objects list for very accurate scene manipulation. Same as Layer Manager in other programs.

6. UI
   Modeling environment is combined in one separate editor with its own viewer, node editor and parameters panels.
   Also it has custom UI elements like numeric editor or objects list.

7. Customization. All aspects of UI are very customizable:
   a. UI elements visuals, like size and color
   b. Mouse button shortcuts
   c. Keyboard shortcuts
   d. Editable menu with tools list
   e. And others

8. Old videos where you can see some features:

My PayPal account: vuxster@gmail.com

Best regards!

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Guest tar

Sounds like a perfect project for crowdfunding.

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