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Per quad prim copy w. lattice deform setup

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So I had this idea for a very simplified setup for this kinda thing (link) but I ran into an issue very similar to what we solved for the "perfect tetrahedral tessellation".

The idea is to create a per primitive "box" and then (in a foreach) copy and reshape the object box to each primitive box, then use the new point positions to shift the copy object into place with a lattice. I tried to use the extract transform setup we used in the tetrahedron reshaping setup, but no luck. My brow is just to low to solve this it seems. ;)

And yeah, it's kinda tricky to explain, hehe, but if you're wondering what the h*ll I'm drivelling on about, here's the setup.



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LOL, yes, but you forego the whole point of doing this without being extremely clever with VEX. So even if you just posted one of the cooler setups I've seen in VEX, kinda solving the end goal of the setup, it doesn't answer the question. ;)

That being said, with this setup you basically did a knit setup with 1/25 the amount of nodes compared to the one that was posted here a couple of weeks ago. :D


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Oh yes, now we are talking. Though you still some VEX cleverness I need to dig into, you do a lot of stuff here in line with my original idea. This both answers the question as well as shows off some great workflows I know I'll have use for. An example being the wrangle SOP creating a point in the middle of a primitive (which I knew) also adding the normal from that prim (something I tried to solve in VEX for quite a while before giving up, creating my 6 node setup to do just that, hehe :blink:).

So yeah, great work and much appreciated, Petz.

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