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Set Driven Animation

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I created this geometric pattern, where the iteration number of polyextrude is related to the value of Cd. But how can i animate this so that the primitive will start extruding as the Cd value changes? I looked at some examples of lookup Chop but still didn't figure it out. Does anyone know how to achieve this? 


Here is my ultimate goal : 

For polyextrude iterates 1 time ($CR 0.25-0.5) : 

       Total frames of extruding: 14     F1 -F14

For polyextrude iterates 2 time ($CR 0.51-0.75) : 

       Total frames of extruding: 28    F1-f14 (1st iteration) F15-F28 (2nd iteration)

For polyextrude iterates 3 time ($CR 0.76-1.00) : 

       Total frames of extruding: 42    F1-f14 (1st iteration) F15-F28 (2nd iteration) F29-F42(3rd iteration) 


I hope this makes sense.... 

Thanks for looking at this post. I've also attached the scene file and I really appreciate your help! 






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This is exactly what I want! Thank you so much for taking your time responding. It made my day! 


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