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Using expressions to create a filename in a ROP

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So I have a scene that composites a bunch of meshes together. What I want to do is build a descriptive filename based on parameters I have set. For example if the mesh is male or female, what version of pants, or shirt is it using etc. 

I have a ROP with a two expressions in it. The 2nd expression `chs("switch_LEG_Manual/input")` seems to work fine because it is just concatenating a numeric value (0-5) based on a slider position.

However trying to add the string prefix HMM, or HMF I'm not having luck.  First I tried to use an IF statement, but could not replace the true, false values of 0 and 1 with strings. So I made some detail - string attributes with the prefixes, and then a switch node to pitch the appropriate prefix, but cannot seem to place that detail string attribute in my filename. Aslo tried a local variable $ATT without success.

I have tried, 

$HIP/Clothes_Fitter_Output/LEG_output/`chs("GENDER/string1")`_LEG_Default.`chs("switch_LEG_Manual/input")`.obj  - i get nothing.. _LEG_Default.

$HIP/Clothes_Fitter_Output/LEG_output/`chsraw("GENDER/string1")`_LEG_Default.`chs("switch_LEG_Manual/input")`.obj   - I get the $ATT local variable but not its actual value of (hmm or hmf)

$HIP/Clothes_Fitter_Output/LEG_output/`details("../GENDER","GENDER",0)`_LEG_Default.`chs("switch_LEG_Manual/input")`.obj -


Any ideas? or a better approach to making dynamic file names in a rop?



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Your expressions look fine, so I suspect something else is wrong with your setup. Maybe you could make a simple asset that just reproduces the issue you are having and post that. Alternatively if you're looking for a different approach you could always try python expressions instead.

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Thanks. I made a simple scene and got things working immediately. It seems there are gremlins in the Rops I have linked to my HDA. I might try doing all the concatenating with python and just put the final result into the rop.

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