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Bullet Basic Questions

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Hey everyone,

I am trying to wrap my head around Bullet some more and wanted to clear some questions, so i'm solid there...

1.Units I:

I found this info on the web:  "A 12 pd started with a muzzle velocity of about 1769 Feet Per Second "

If I was to set this up: Then Mass would be 6 and Initial Velocity would be 539, correct?

2. Units 2:

If I would want to compute Mass - and lets assume Iron - then I can just check in with Wolfram Alpha and use their 7874kg/m3, correct?

3. Units 3:

Glue Strength, is there any "real world" counterpart? Or a formula that describes whats going on, or is this just artistic choice?

4. Settings:

Bullet Constraint Iterations: This seems to have an massive impact on the outcome, is this normal?

5. Workflow:

Is Object-Merging within the same SOP acceptable? I think with all these connections from left to right is kinda cluttered...?


This all leads to my HIP.

I have 2 thin sheets of "concrete" or whatever and want a sphere to pass through, yet what ever I do, however low I set Glue Values and so on, everything will collapse, but the Sphere wont pass through?

Is there anything I got wrong??


Thanks for any help!

Best regards!


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